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Thank you for signing up! Below I laid out in great detail EXACTLY how you can build a lucrative membership site that will get your members to pay each month for access to your website content building a lucrative, recurring income! It's a 4 step process, so please go through each step carefully, with intense precision. Oh, and by the way - it's FREE! So you won't have to buy anything to make this work!


Membership Guru


Focus on Profitability

When first creating your membership website it’s important that you focus on overall profitability, rather than simply developing a subscription site around a topic or theme that you are personally interested in.

Evergreen markets are focused around topics that are unlikely to change and can stand the test of time, and by choosing an overall evergreen theme, you can focus on longevity.
Consider creating an e-course, informational series, ebooks, reports or training guides and developing them around a membership website platform.

The more focused your website is, the easier it will be to tap into your niche market and determine exactly what your target audience is interested in, and subsequently, give it to them.



Browse through existing marketplaces like www.ClickBank.com to determine how many products are available, the communication and delivery channels that are being used, as well as the popularity of your potential niche.

Note: Google Alerts is an exceptionally useful tool for locating hot topics and current trends that could serve as potential ideas for your membership site. You can access Google Alerts at  http://www.Google.com/alerts


Membership Models

Traditional Membership Platform

With a traditional membership website, your subscribers pay monthly for content releases and updates.

Coaching Membership Platform

Coaching websites offer clients coaching services for a set fee. It usually consists of a set amount of time and follow-ups.

Email Based Memberships

With an autoresponder based membership offer, you are able to set up complete membership sites quickly, with very little start up costs.

Free Or Paid Platforms

Paid for membership sites are set with the objective of making money by supplying hard to find information, access to specialized data or lists, or instruction in various fields.

With free memberships, the foundation is usually based on allowing free entry with the intention of selling a membership upgrade.


Membership Scripts

In order to set up your membership site quickly and efficiently, you will want to look into the different membership scripts and software solutions that are available to you.

Here are a few membership scripts that I highly recommend:


With amember.com, you can purchase an addon module that will seamlessly integrate a membership script with a Wordpress blog, forming a bridge between the main (guest) area and the subscribers only content categories.

 Wordpress membership scripts:


Features unlimited membership levels, flexible options, sequential content delivery, control viewed content, shopping cart integration and more.


With MemberWing, you can instantly set up a membership website using nothing more than Wordpress and this simple plugin.

See how easy that was?

  1. Build a Squeeze Page
  2. Get it hosted on BrainHost.com
  3. Drive Traffic to the page
  4. Collect Members
  5. Market to the Members
  6. Do Steps 3-5 over and over.... again...

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